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If your goal is to be an Influencer, make sure your audience stays glued to your profile by posting more and engaging content. Share any content, from funny videos to pranks, to what’s happening around- nation & world, viral videos, sports videos, music & dance videos, lip sync videos, fashion & beauty, art, travel & food, sci-tech videos, nature & pets.

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Fable is a growing community for people who want to react, express themselves and have fun. An audience that interacts turns into a community and communities last longer.

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Start posting and sharing fire reactions and earn your Influencer Badge.

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Show off your skills and you’ll be featured in trending users.

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If you’re special, we’re dying to feature you in future Fable Ad Campaigns

How to Unlock
the Perks


Get your hands Dirty! Start creating and posting your content on fable


More is merrier; and so getting more engagement gets you closer to the perks.


Higher number of posts and number of reactions on them unlock the perks.

What's Coming Next?

Ability to give public reactions on posts

Face filters and video effects for reactions

Your Profile Screen going public with AR-style and other surprises

Common Questions

What is the assurance for the perks?

The perks are awarded as the conditions are met depending on the time duration taken to achieve them. This doesn’t guarantee the availability of perks on a fixed number of entities of the conditions to be met. An active participation guarantees better chances.

How do I signup as an influencer?

On the app click on the ‘‘ icon and signup to join as an Influencer.

Are there any membership charges to join as an influencer?

No, Joining as an influencer is 100% free. Join today and start creating!

What type of content can I post? Is there any max time duration for posts?

You can post videos, a slideshow of images or just an image. Video Posts can have a duration of up to 15-sec max or a slideshow of 5 images.

How long will my posts stay active?

Every post you create stays active for a period of 30 days.

I read pubic profile is a coming soon feature. How does the current one work?

As of now, we have a private profile screen. Signed up influencers can change profile pictures, see their posts and view total engagement on their account.

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